*~I am Yvonne, Welcome to my garden~*

~Thanks for coming and planting flowers in my garden~


I was born in northern part of China, finished my Bachelor degree(Bilingualism of Russian and English) in Shanghai, exchanged to St Petersburg to further Russian learning for one year, and then pursued my Master degree in Britain, currently I am almost going to finish all the modules and plan to move to London for an internship in PR domain.

I am the one that is always passionate about doing things outside comfort zone, which is imperative to growth I believe.When I was about to choose university, I only considered those beyond Shanghai without hesitation because of my instinct to see the most different scenery from my familiar hometown. There is 2671 km distance (equivalent to 5 hours flying)from my city to Shanghai, it implies I need to arrange my life totally by myself since I have no familiars and no backers behind me in that metropolis. Now when I looking back, I still appreciate the choice I made at that time as I experienced different splendid life styles, made friends from different parts of China and managed my life systematically by myself. From this valuable experience, I realized even though coming out from comfort zone is a great challenge at the beginning, eventually you become comfortable with being uncomfortable. And I understood one truth more deeply-Life is yours!

—–The End—-





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