How to find the perfect lipstick applied for Chinese?

My goal is to share with you some of the quick tips and tricks I have learned in my 6years as a makeup-aholic, all while helping Chinese young girls find your fastest beauty routine yet.


“Looking for the perfect red?? it’s easier than you think these days because there are so many textures to choose from”

Chinese girls are more likely to choose natural colors of lipsticks that match their lips tone,however in some specific occasions wearing a sparkling red lip would largely makes girls more dazzling and charming. So now I’d recommend several red lipsticks for Chinese girls from a Chinese beauty sense perspective.

  • The super matte, opaque ones look really trendy but might be really hard to pull off for most. Opt for ones that are creamy and somewhat sheer so you can still see the texture of your lips peeking through.
  • Don’t line it with matching lip pencil because it’d look harsh, use soft nude lip pencil that matches your lips tone instead.
  • A good lip brush is key and I love Tom Ford lip brush.
  • My top 3 red lipstick right now is Tom Ford in Matte,Chanel Rouge Allure in #104 and MAC in Ruby Woo.

Yvonne’s Top Three Products:

Tom Ford in Matte      Chanel Rouge Allure in #104     MAC in Ruby Woo

£38.00                                        £26.00                              £15.50

Other recommendations:

“Don’t be intimidated when it comes to picking ” the Right Red” I hate it when people get too complicated with it like.. Oh if you have this undertone and eye colour and this hair colour then you need this red with this undertone blah gets to be too confusing..Trust me you’ll find the right red for you out there, just try a bunch and see which one make you look and feel pretty, don’t buy ones that make you cringe!…also check in day light too to see if it’s really the red you wanna be walking around with..”

                                                                    *contributed by celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose