Can foreigners distinguish between Korean, Japanese and Chinese faces through makeup?

“I don’t have to wear make-up everyday, only for special occasions”

“Wearing colour cosmetics too often harm my skin, I’d rather to spend more money on skin-care products”

“Make up makes me look too mature and unnatural, I don’t like makeup transformation”

“Make up is very complicated, there are too many processes I don’t know how to start”

“I always buy the wrong colour for myself, if I ask sales staff for recommendations, they always choose a darker colour for me, does my skin look really dark?”

—-quotes of interviews from Chinese students

Chinese trend of make up is emerging from cultural influences from Japan , Korean (and Taiwan). And there is not typical style of Chinese makeup. Chinese girls just follow Korean and Japanese trend and result in lack of Chinese characteristics. Nowadays, the heavy makeup look have been traded in for natural, fresh and youthful look – an upgraded no-makeup makeup. However, the application and emphasis between those three styles are slightly different.

So this inspired me to make an investigation of different makeup styles among Japanese, Korean and Chinese girls.

After the interview, I found that for most foreigners it is quite difficult to distinguish Asian girls’ faces through makeup. That is to say, there is not a typical makeup style for Chinese girls. I agree that less makeup is more natural, but wearing appropriate makeup is also needed, it presents your respect to the people you meet. So in the following blogs, I will update makeup tutorials that is applied to Chinese girls and give suggestions about how to show Oriental Beauty through easy makeup process.

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